How much is too much to spend on plastic surgery? Would $43,000 a year be too much for you? It’s certainly not too much for a college student.

Julia Stakhiva, a college student, has recently made headlines because of her investment in her plastic surgery. She’s not living off ramen noodles like many students her age, that’s for sure.

Julia is a 23-year-old woman from Great Britain. She has a personal assistant to make sure she doesn’t do anything that may get her into trouble, and she just hops on a plane to Moscow, Russia when she needs a haircut.

Her closet is a dream to many women, never mind college students. She has more than 100 designer handbags, which are worth approximately $6,000 each. She also has a $430,000 fur collection. There’s no word on how much her wardrobe totals, but she did have this to say:

“I don’t mix and match with designers when I put together an outfit. It’s disrespectful.”

Julia is nearly a graduate of Regents University in London. Her parents are the wealthy ones who make sure she is able to live out a lavish lifestyle, including $43,000 worth of a plastic surgery every year. Her surgeries have included lip injections, facial fillers, cheek reduction surgery, and lash extensions.

She also spends the money on cosmetic procedures totaling $259,000 for her teeth whitening and semi-permanent makeup. She’s planning on breast implants in September, which will cost about $28,000.

According to Julia, “You can either sit at home eating pizza all day or you can be out in the world getting Botox.”

It’s not all about beauty for Julia, though. She is confident and determined to become a leader when she graduates. Her parents run a food production business, and she aspires not to work an office job. She said she feels she is much too intelligent and beautiful for that line of work.

The Beauty Everyone Possesses

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Julia says something interesting during her interview with US Weekly – “Anyone can be rich but not everyone can be beautiful.”

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