A serious question on RealSelf.com is how long to wait after rhinoplasty to use cocaine. We would like to address this question on our blog to help everyone out there who has the same question. It’s important to understand the effects of cocaine to the nose after rhinoplasty, especially early post-op.

What Cocaine Does to the Nose Before and After a Rhinoplasty

Cocaine Use after Rhinoplasty - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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Snorting cocaine means the drug directly affects the nose. As soon as it is snorted, it penetrates the inside of the nose quickly to seep into the blood stream. This can damage the walls of the nose causing blisters and sores. The septum becomes weak and can even collapse with continued use.

After a rhinoplasty, it’s important that there is good blood supply to the nose. Cocaine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it constricts blood supply. This can delay healing or affect the way the nose heals. It can even cause tissue death, which can affect the final results of the way the new nose appears.

The Best Thing to Do

Cocaine is a serious, illegal substance that is addictive. People should be aware of its short and long term effects, especially after undergoing a rhinoplasty. While a revision rhinoplasty is possible after cocaine causes issues, it’s much riskier. The best thing to do is to avoid using cocaine.

What If Cocaine Has Been Used?

If cocaine has already been used, contact the plastic surgeon immediately. The nose needs to be examined to ensure healing has not been interrupted and there is no damage to the nose.

Do not avoid the plastic surgeon if cocaine has been used. The best way to know if you need additional care is to seek help from a plastic surgeon.

It’s also important to find addiction treatment or support. If cocaine has been a problem in the past, relapse can lead to falling into addiction again. Seeking the support needed to avoid it is critical.

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