When you look in the mirror, do you see excess fat and skin under your chin, neck, and jowls? If so, you may want to keep reading – chin (or submental) liposuction may be helpful.

Why the Chin, Neck, and Jowls Collect Fat

Many people that exercise and diet will lose weight all over their body, including in their face. However, the chin and neck area may not see a dramatic change.

It can be difficult to slim the facial area because it can be particularly resistant to fat loss in some people. Genetics and/or hormones are usually to blame for this.

In addition, the skin in this area is much different. It’s thinner, loses elasticity over time, and can be a trouble area for fat collection.

Since it can be difficult to spot reduce facial fat, many people decide to seek chin liposuction. With this procedure, fat is sucked out of the offending areas. There’s a possibility that some of the loose skin will tighten on its own, so you wouldn’t have to worry about residual sagging.

The amount of sagging can be estimated by an experienced plastic surgeon. It has a lot to do with the quality of a person’s skin and compliance after the procedure.

About the Procedure

Chin liposuction or Smart Lipo is a relatively short procedure. Many people can return to work immediately following the procedure, but they usually don’t because they need to wear a strap compression garment. The time the garment is needed depends on the individual. The plastic surgeon will tell you how long you will need to wear it to ensure a healthy recovery.

Being non-compliant can affect the results, so it’s important to follow the plastic surgeon’s instructions completely. If you have any concerns during recovery, call your surgeon immediately. Infection can be a concern, which is easily treated in most cases if caught right away.

The biggest benefit of liposuction versus Smartlipo is that the latter offers skin tightening along with fat removal. It is gentle enough to use on the most delicate areas of the face including the chin and neck.

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