Every morning you look in the mirror. Either you smile at yourself, or you frown. People who smile often end up having better days than those who frown. Why? Smiling is a positive reaction that has a lasting effect throughout the day.

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When you start the day on a positive note, you continue looking for other things in your life to be happy about. When you start the day on a negative note, you’re more likely to have a bad day because you may continue to find things you don’t like.

So, what can you do when you can’t smile at your reflection in the mirror? Small changes to your appearances may help.

Try a New Hairstyle

If you usually wear your hair down, put it up. You can braid it, put it up in a bun, or throw it up in a ponytail.

If you usually wear your hair up, let it down. You can let your straight or curly hair flow over your shoulders. Bring up the sides or your bangs, or keep the hair out of your eyes with a headband. It’s amazing what hair accessories can do to the way you look.

Change Your Makeup

Try to use either more makeup or less of it. Just changing the way you put makeup on your face can change your look. Not sure what to change about your makeup? YouTube has many makeup tutorials if you want to try a different look.

Don’t try them out in the morning in case you don’t like it. Instead, spend an evening having fun with it to see if you find something you like better than your current makeup style. You may want to try different colors for eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc.

Consider Different Outfits

If you usually wear blacks and dark blues, try to broaden your color choices with red, pink, coral, purple, and teal. You may not love these colors on you at first, but if you’re willing to wear it out in public, give them a try. You never know, you may grow to love them.

Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery Can Help

A small change to your nose, lips, eyelids, or cheeks can make a big difference. Many people come to our Manhattan or Commack, Long Island office for a free consultation to learn more about how they can change their look.

Most of our patients end up extremely satisfied with the results, and it completely changes their outlook on life. They feel happier and more confident. Many of them go on to make many more positive changes in their life. Their plastic or cosmetic surgery gives them the motivation to move forward to do more to brighten their future.

If you’re ready to make a change, call our plastic and cosmetic surgeons today. We have appointments for free consultations available throughout the week – Monday through Friday with evenings available. We are also available on Saturdays.

Though not everyone is a good candidate for an aesthetic procedure, most people who are in good health qualify. Only one of our doctors can help you determine if surgery is a good idea for you.

We look forward to helping you change your look to change your outlook on life.