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Straight Talk About Cellulite:

Cellulite is an interesting phenomenon that seems to plague so many of us.  We see patients in both our Long Island plastic surgery and New York City offices who want nothing more than to rid themselves of those dimples in places they don’t belong.

Unlike body fat that causes you to go up in clothing size (the fat that your body uses for fuel and energy), cellulite consists of fat cells and connective tissue that settles under the skin.  These cells cannot be burned – no matter how much cardio you do.

Most often, cellulite chooses to settle into a woman’s body.  Doctors, nutritionists and scientists believe that the cause of this predominance is most likely hormones and the female anatomy.  The anatomy of the “septa” being most important here.

The septa are fibrous bands of tissue that surround fat cells in the skin to hold them in place.  Both men and women have them; but they run in different patterns for each gender.  In women, the septa run in a vertical pattern; from side to side.  In men, the pattern is diagonal.

Cellulite 101

If we are created differently, then why is it that the young women we see in our Long Island plastic surgery and New York City centers don’t present with the issue of cellulite as often as those aged 35 and over?  Here’s why: In the younger body, the septa is more able to keep cellulite-causing fat cells anchored in the deeper layers of skin.  In the aging process, the elasticity of the septa begins to fade, and these bands become more rigid.

As this happens, they tighten around the shallow fat cells, which then begin to push up through the spaces of the hardened septa pattern.  Apparently, the diagonal pattern is better at holding those pesky fat cells down better than the vertical pattern!

On top of women’s already-predisposed bodies, add in the fact that cellulite is hereditary – thanks Mom! AND, the state of one’s circulatory system also plays a role. At least you can work to improve the state of your circulatory and lymph systems in order to lessen the effects that are inherently present.

With all of these factors working against you, what can you really do to beat cellulite?  Modern medicine has more options than ever, so you can begin to see the flickering light at the end of the tunnel.  Many women have tried the over-the-counter creams that promise to smooth skin or actually reduce fat cells below the surface of the skin.

Others have tried following strict diet and exercise programs.  These are all very good tools; but perhaps could be best used hand in hand with the popular VelaShapetm cellulite reduction treatment we offer in our centers.

Doubling (or tripling!) up on the treatments you utilize to combat cellulite gives you the best chance of getting ahead and loving your skin.  Our patients report losing inches AND feeling excellent about the reduction in cellulite after their VelaShape treatments.

Reduce Cellulite with VelaShape Treatment

To get smoother thighs, attack cellulite with a balanced diet, adequate exercise, and a VelaShape consultation in one of our offices. Call us or visit our contact us page to book your free consultation today!