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Supersized breasts may be a “dream” for some, but for many others they are a nightmare. Breasts that are larger than a DD cup can cause excruciating pain to the upper back, neck, and shoulders.

Additionally, breasts of this size can cause pain during activity such as walking, running, or jumping. For many women who live with supersized breasts, the emotional anguish caused during childhood and beyond also takes a tremendous tool on their well-being.

When breast reduction surgery is the only solution, many patients ask us if it’s possible for their breasts to grow back after their procedure. The answer seems like an obvious, “no.” However, one woman’s story had me doing a double take.

A Real-Life Nightmare

When girls reach a certain age, usually around 11 or 12, sex hormones start being released into the bloodstream. This stage of life, also known as puberty, causes many changes in the body… one of which is the development of breast tissue.

For a woman named Jessica Matlin, she took to her laptop to tell her amazing story. She recently wrote an article for the March 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine to share her experience with the world.

From childhood, Jessica had breast tissue. She describes remembering “breast buds” at age 5 and C cup breasts by the time she was in junior high school. By the time she was in college, she wore a DDD bra.

Fed up with being made fun of constantly, being in physical pain, and feeling like she was being held back in life, she contacted her insurance company. Her family doctor diagnosed her with a condition called gigantomastia, or extreme overdevelopment of breast tissue.

Breast Reduction Surgery Was Her Only Hope

After undergoing breast reduction surgery, she was a “perfect C cup” and began to enjoy fitting into clothing the way she had always wanted to. No longer did she stand out because of her supersized breasts. She also gained an indescribable boost in her self-confidence and finally came “out of her shell”.

After about two years, however, her bras didn’t fit like they used to. She also noticed that her arms were rubbing against the outsides of her breasts again. She began to hide herself under tent-like dark colored shirts and to slouch over in order to hide her breasts.

She decided to see if it was just her imagination or if her breasts were actually growing back again. Inside of her favorite lingerie store’s dressing room, she received a measurement from one of the associates. The woman told her she was a DD!

Can Breasts Grow Back After Reduction Surgery?

In Jessica’s case, the answer is yes. Her plastic surgeon told her that in his twenty years of treating patients with large breasts, only four women had their breasts grow back again.

The reason? Hormones. Her breast tissue was especially sensitive to the hormone estrogen, causing them to respond by developing breast tissue on a continual basis.

Breast Reduction Surgery in NYC and Long Island

If you suffer from macromastia or have supersized breasts, you’re not alone. We help patients each year in the same situation so they can have better quality lives.

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