Butt Injections Nearly Kill Woman - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

DIY plastic surgery trends are on the rise. People are using anything from cooking oil to cheap fillers they find online to inject themselves. The results? Devastating.

Apryl Brown Almost Died

Butt Injections Nearly Kill Woman - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

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Apryl Brown, a cosmetologist, decided she wanted to try this for herself by injecting her buttocks with silicone. She wanted a perkier, bigger backside; what she got, however, was a near death experience.

After injecting the silicone, Brown developed a staph infection. Her limbs started to curl and turn black. As she was lying in the hospital bed in excruciating pain, the doctor came in and told her loved ones, “She’s not gonna make it. We give her 24 hours.”

The pain was so bad that she invited death. She just wanted to the horrible feeling to go away.

The doctors made the only decision they could to save her life: amputate her hands, feet, and the flesh around her buttocks and hips. It took 27 surgeries, but they were able to save her life.

DIY Aesthetic Enhancement: Is It Worth It?

People who are drawn to doing their own enhancements want to save money. When they see that there is a cheaper alternative to going to a medical professional, they are tempted to try it. The problem is that many of them don’t think about the risks.

Brown ALMOST lost her life. Instead, she was lucky and only lost her hands, feet, and portions of her butt and hips. To save money on a Brazilian butt lift, she ended up with the cost of living a much harder life and of course, the medical bills for all the surgeries that were needed to save her life.

It's not worth it.

If you don’t like a body feature, don’t change it yourself or allow anyone but a licensed medical professional to change it. You want to improve your appearance, so you can feel better about yourself. Don’t risk being sorry for that decision by doing it yourself.

Finance Options Make Plastic Surgery More Affordable

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