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Many of our patients come to us dissatisfied with their backside. They tell us they would like it to be rounder and/or lifted more. When these clients come to us, we explain the benefits of fat transfer over butt implants.

We do not perform butt implant surgery in our practices due to the overwhelming potential complications involved in the procedure.

Butt Implants

Buttock implants are made out of semi-solid soft silicone rubber. Since they are sat on, the material is able to stand up to that pressure.

Many sizes and shapes exist for butt implants. The exact measurements for the implants depend on how much of a boost the patient wants. Usually, a plastic surgeon is able to recommend different implants and show the patient how it will look when placed in the derriere.

As mentioned earlier, the occurrence of complications for this procedure is very high, which is why we do not perform this procedure. These issues include extended recovery times, infection at the incision sites, rejection of the implant by the body, and displacement of the implant.

Fat Transfer as an Option

Fat transfer is our recommended option for patients. This process takes adipose tissue (fat) from other parts of the body via liposuction and injects it into the buttock. The plastic surgeon will inject fat into the lower, side, and upper quadrants of the buttocks to create the shape and size the patient desires.

Fat transfer is not right for everyone. Patients need to have enough fat on their body to harvest for the transfer. It doesn’t necessarily matter where the fat comes from (abdominal area, thighs, etc.), but there needs to be a surplus to make the procedure successful. Only a plastic surgeon can determine whether a patient has enough body fat to transfer to the buttocks.

Best Course of Action

Some people are able to achieve the look they desire with diet and exercise. By maintaining a healthy body weight, the buttocks can be plentiful in fat (which provides cushion). The buttocks can also be shaped through exercises such as squats, plank, and stair climbing. These exercises build muscle, tone and lift the area, and reshape the backside.

Genetics do play a significant role in whether people are able to get the derriere they desire. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to lift the buttocks or get it to be as rounded as they would like; that’s how plastic surgery helps.

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You can help our surgeons by having an image of what you would like your buttock to look like. Bring in a picture or two of your ideal look. While it may not always be possible to get the exact look you see in the image, our surgeons can get you as close as possible.

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