Both men and women are turning to breast surgery today more than ever before. The breasts are an important part of a person’s figure as well as the key to confidence in some cases.

When men are dealing with gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts, the physical effect is obvious, while the emotional effects may be less apparent.

In women with breast issues, confidence can be affected greatly as well. Sagging or oversized breasts can also be very disruptive to daily activities. For those who have too much breast tissue, for example, the weight of the breasts can cause severe neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.

In this post, we’ll discuss what you should know about breast surgery for men & women.

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Gynecomastia Treatment: Male Breast Reduction Surgery

This procedure reduces the volume of the fatty tissue in the breasts (the “cup” area) as well as addresses the glandular tissue under the nipple.

The surgeon must be extremely well versed in this procedure and experienced in performing it in order to get adequate results. No one wants to have to go back for a second surgery because they chose an inexperienced doctor!

This procedure is done in our AAAHC accredited surgical suites by one of our highly-qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeons. Careful measures are taken to address each individual’s needs because each patient is unique.

A laser is used to melt away fat using the SmartlipoTM device. This method allows for no general anesthesia, very fast healing, and less bruising and bleeding. The surgeon manually removes any extra glandular tissue from the patient using a steady, expert hand.

Breast Surgery for Women: A Range of Solutions

Some breast procedures, such as breast augmentation with implants, breast lift, and breast reduction, require general anesthesia and are usually done in a hospital setting.

Recovery times can vary greatly depending upon the person, but usually patients are able to get back to their normal routine within about 10-14 days. No heavy lifting for a period of time must be adhered to in order to get best results!

For fat transfer to the breasts, no general anesthesia is needed. The patient’s fat is harvested via liposuction from other areas of the body such as the hips, thighs, and abdomen. The fat is then purified and injected directly into the breasts.

Our breast augmentation Long Island center is equipped to perform fat transfer to the breasts.

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