Woman Reveals the Truth About Breast Surgery. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY in Long Island & NYC.

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer decide on radiation for treatment to bring their cancer into remission. Following treatment, some women never suffer from breast cancer again.

The results of the radiation to the breast can be troublesome to some patients, though. The radiation can cause the skin to harden and thicken. The breast tissue can shrink, leaving the treated breast much smaller than the non-treated one. For this reason, some women seek breast reduction after radiation.

What You Need to Know

Breast Reduction after Radiation. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in NYC and Long Island.

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Not everyone can have a reduction procedure after treatment. Radiation can have profound effects on the breast, which can make surgery risky or impossible.

Those who recently had the treatment may not be able to have the surgery because it can lead to severe complications.

It’s best for women to wait at least a year or more before having breast reduction surgery after radiation, so the skin can repair itself. It is imperative that each woman work with her plastic surgeon and oncologist to arrive at the best course of action based on their medical professionals’ opinions.

Even women wanting a reduction in the untreated breast should wait. The treated breast can change significantly in the months following treatment. This may mean it can get smaller. If you have the reduction too soon, you may still end up with two different sized breasts once healing is complete.

Questions Asked to Determine Candidacy

When you do seek a plastic surgeon’s consultation, some of the questions they will likely ask are:

  • Why did you receive radiation?
  • How much radiation do you receive?
  • Is there skin damage?
  • Is there hyperpigmentation?
  • Is there thickening of the skin?

As long as the skin on the breast is in good condition, a plastic surgeon can perform the procedure. Good condition means the skin is soft and pliable. If the skin is still red, firm, and tender, it’s best to wait on the procedure until it has completely healed.

How to Know for Sure

Since it can be difficult to know for sure if you’re a candidate for breast reduction after radiation, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. We have cosmetic and plastic surgeons available to speak with you at no cost.

They will perform an examination to determine whether you can have the procedure; if not, they can possibly give you a timeline of when you should reconsider it based on the effects you’ve experienced from your treatment.

We’ve helped many women who have suffered from breast cancer and wanted reduction surgery, reconstruction, and/or implants. It’s always an honor to give back to these women what cancer has taken from them.

Contact us today for more information on breast surgery in our Long Island or Manhattan locations. We would love to help you.

*The information on this page is not intended to be used as medical advice in any way. Always consult with your doctor for any health related concerns.