Breast Implants & Tummy Tuck: Perfect Match?

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There is a notable population of women in the United States who seek out cosmetic enhancements to their bodies for the sake of aesthetics.  There is also a notable population of women who seek out these cosmetic procedures to restore their bodies to an earlier time in their lives, and it’s usually to the time before they had children.

Pregnancy Changes the Body

When it comes to a pregnant woman’s concerns about their bodies during and after pregnancy, the breasts are usually the focus.  Many women wonder if their breasts will ever look the same after pregnancy.  As breast specialist Susan Love, MD, summarizes: “Lots of women end up smaller, some end up bigger, and a lucky few stay the same.”

Breasts are extremely sensitive to hormones and during a pregnancy, hormones are absolutely raging.  This causes them to grow quite rapidly and sometimes develop stretch marks.  In addition, asymmetry can be exaggerated during and after the pregnancy.

Pills and lotions can be promising, but doctors would tell you to save your money.  “Putting a cream or lotion on the outside of your breast won’t perk up what’s underneath,” says Dr. Reed. “And because your chest muscles rest on top of your chest, not underneath it, exercises won’t help either.”

Pregnancy and The Tummy

It’s pretty obvious that the woman’s tummy is going to bear the brunt of the pregnancy.  Women can be left with unsightly sagging and loose skin that no work out or diet could ever solve.  Stretch marks are a risk as well.  There are many things that a pregnant woman can do to ease these tensions but when it comes down to it, it is all weight gain, breast size, and hereditary traits.

What Can You Do?

Pregnancy is a huge sacrifice.  The effects on the body are very real and if you want to restore your pre-baby body back to it’s perky self, a breast augmentation for the sagging breasts and a tummy tuck for the loose tummy skin is the right choice for many patients.

Sometimes, a tummy tuck & breast lift together is the best answer for a slimmer and sexier body. We’ll work closely with you to achieve the results you want. At our initial consultation, we’ll also answer all of your questions about the surgery.

To looking as youthful as you feel,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team