Our breast augmentation Long Island and Manhattan surgeons on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, know that this is a pivotal time in every woman’s life.

A time when you want to regain the figure you used to flaunt and no longer have the weight of the world weighing down your ability to enjoy being a woman!

When you look around in our society today, the overwhelming majority of women you see with breast implants tend to be perky 20-25 year olds who are just starting to figure out life in the real world.

But what if that’s not you anymore? What if you’ve already gone through your party twenties, your soccer-mom thirties, you’ve sailed through your forties, and now fifty is now your home turf? Are you asking yourself, “Should I get breast implants?”

Many women who have reached this age might begin to feel youth slipping away and gravity catching up to them. The idea of a breast enhancement may be creeping into your mind more often, but so is the question of whether it is safe and acceptable for someone your age. The answer is yes!

Age Is Just a Number

Think back to the last time you were out on the town with your friends and that cute young waiter asked to see your ID when you ordered a drink. It made you feel young and beautiful, right? Maybe lately you haven’t been feeling quite that way, but who’s to say you can’t?

Being over 50 should never stop you from thinking that breast implants are no longer possible. If anything, it means you deserve it more since you and your “girls” have been through a lot together in life!

50? 60? 70?? As Long As You’re Healthy!

The main factor for anyone seeking breast enhancement is good health. A properly functioning immune system and no serious medical conditions are required, as well as going over your medical history and medications with our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

A Little Something Extra for Every Need

It is not uncommon for women 50 and over to receive both breast implants and a breast lift when coming in for a procedure. A breast lift will help reduce the signs of gravity. Along with a breast lift, some women opt to continue the enhancement and also receive procedures such as:

  • Botox
  • Face lift
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Smartlipo

Your Worries Have Been Relieved, So What’s Stopping You Now?

Receiving a breast augmentation above the age of 50 is certainly nothing to lose sleep over. You are still young and life doesn’t need to stop just because you’re figure isn’t cooperating anymore. If that’s the case, make it cooperate! It is your body, after all.

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