breast_enlargement_manhattan_blogWe see a good number of women in our breast enlargement Manhattan and Long Island offices who are maintaining health and vitality through regular diet and exercise.  Some women who seek a breast augmentation do so because their bodies have leaned out due to ample exercise or a bodybuilding lifestyle.  Consequently, we tend to be asked quite often about the issue of exercise after breast enlargement surgery.

Managing Expectations After Surgery

It is understandable that the woman who works out regularly before surgery will want to resume her normal workouts after implants have been placed.  However, most patients simply do not feel up to hitting the gym or heading outside for a jog in the first week to ten days after surgery.

It is important to listen to the body during this time, as it needs rest in order to heal properly.  Allowing yourself time to recuperate enables you to experience a less stressful recovery period.  Putting pressure on yourself to get back to working out leads to undue stress and potential feelings of disappointment after treatment.

Listening is the Key to a Faster Recovery

In the first week after breast enlargement surgery, you may be able to start walking.  This will improve your mobility and help you to relieve any tension that you may be feeling.  This small bit of exercise, however, needs to be taken slowly.

Every patient heals at a different pace.  Where one may feel comfortable walking about the neighborhood, another may feel sore after a short jaunt to the mailbox.  Again, listen to your body so that muscle tissue and the incision sites will heal properly.

With each day that goes by, your body may feel a bit better as muscles grow accustomed to the implants.  As you feel able, you may increase physical activity while being careful to stay within your post-operative guidelines.

Jogging is likely an activity that should not be resumed for about four to six weeks.  However, walking is always acceptable and bike riding (not mountain biking) may also be possible depending on how the body responds.  If an activity is questionable, contact our office before attempting to complete it.

When to Expect Full Return to Normal Activity

It isn’t until about four to six weeks after treatment that a full return to previous activities is possible.  Until that time, a support garment should be worn during all activities and care should be taken to perform exercise at a slow pace, allowing the body time to send warning signals if enough is enough.

When a surgery of any kind is in your future, ample planning beforehand can lead you to a stress-free recovery period.  Having realistic expectations of when exercise may resume is just one piece of the pie.

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