The decision to undergo a breast enhancement procedure is a truly personal one. Some women get breast surgery because they want a fuller chest. Others want to reconstruct their breasts after a mastectomy.

Are Breast Augmentation and Lift Right for You?

While a lot of women choose to get a breast augmentation, others may also need a breast lift with their procedure to lift and tighten the breasts for a more youthful shape.

In order to decide if you want to accompany your augmentation with a lift, consider the following.

Do You Like How Your Breasts Look in a Bra?

If you answered yes to this question, then you will probably only want to get a breast lift since you already like your natural size.

Will the Implant be Able to Give You a Lift?

A breast implant can create the illusion of a breast lift because the top of your breast will look fuller if you place the implant below the muscle. This works extremely well for women who have nipples that are level or above the skin fold underneath the breast.

If your nipple is further down, the implant may cause it to look like its pointing south. If the doctor places the implant low in order to match the location of the nipple, your breasts will look like they are hanging.

Upper Pole Fullness

The top part of your breast, also known as the upper pole, is the section of the breast that creates cleavage. Despite the fact that a breast lift can create fullness in the upper pole, it will begin to settle after a few months. Your best bet is to get breast implants placed underneath the muscle to lift your breasts and give a fuller appearance.

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