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A plastic surgery fund – do you have one? Many people in the United States do, but most of them won’t admit it. Actually, many people in the United States don’t ever tell anyone about their cosmetic surgery.

Maybe they keep it a secret because they don’t want to hear people’s opinions about their personal choices. That’s fair. Maybe, however, it’s also because they want people to think they look that way naturally.

In Brazil, most people that get plastic surgery proudly tell everyone about it. They show off their breast augmentation in a form-fitting shirt or display their Brazilian butt lift in a new pair of tight jeans. They don’t hold anything back!

NPR Radio Features Story of Two Brazilian Sisters

Recently, NPR published a story about two sisters. They have had a plastic surgery fund for many years. One sister says that she’s always saving money for her next procedure.

As soon as she has enough money, she gets the next surgery on her list. So far, she’s had breast implants and a tummy tuck. The next plastic surgery procedure on her list is a Brazilian butt lift, or “BBL”.

The other sister (Janet) has had a tummy tuck, and her next surgery is going to be a breast augmentation. She’s not yet sure about what will be next on her list after that.

Although many people might think these sisters are wealthy, given that they could afford to have five surgeries in total, that’s not the case at all. One of them works at a small retail shop, and the other works in a retirement home, which doesn’t bring home a lot of money.

The money they earn is invested in their beauty – that’s how they look at it. “I think we invest in beauty because this is very important for women here.”

These sisters, along with many other Brazilian women, believe plastic surgery will help them look more beautiful in order to get a better job and find a husband.

Brazil Versus United States: More Procedures Performed

What’s interesting is that Brazilians earn less money collectively when compared to Americans, but the country performs many more plastic surgeries. Just last year, there were 1.5 million plastic surgeries performed.

Besides the obvious pride that women in Brazil take in their plastic surgery procedures, Brazilians are also making more money than they used to. Today’s women are choosing to use their money in this way because it’s accepted and encouraged by society.

Another reason for the large number of plastic surgeries in the country is that there are more plastic surgeons available.

What Procedure Is on Your Wish List?

Americans are definitely becoming more accepting of one another when it comes to plastic surgery. The level of acceptance that Brazilians have may not be reached in the U.S. in the very near future. However, the statistics show that every year more Americans decide to have cosmetic procedures to enhance their natural beauty or turn back the hands of time.

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