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© Valua Vitaly – Fotolia.com

A couple of years ago, full breasts and mile long legs were the main attractions of the female physique. Now, it’s all about the buttocks.

Due to the increasing popularity of plump and firm booties in the media and on plastic surgery shows, more and more women want to have the voluptuous buttocks of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian.

At our butt lift NYC & Long Island offices we want our patients to know all about the Brazilian buttlift, also known as autologous fat transfer.

The buttocks is now considered one of the top features of the female body. Numerous studies have shown that the aesthetics of the buttocks may have a scientific purpose. The size and shape of a woman’s buttocks affects her waist-to-hip ratio.

The smaller the ratio of the woman’s waist compared to her hips, the more appealing she is to a male, according to the primal instincts supposedly embedded in the male brain from the inception of the human race.

A Butt Lift Will Give You the Results You Want

Although universally men share their love of a smaller waist-to-hip ratio, there are some variations in preference in the distribution of fat in the buttocks among different ethnic backgrounds. In our practices, we see that some Caucasian patients prefer a moderately large to full buttocks with a lateral gluteal hollow.

This concave area gives off the appearance of a more athletic body. Some of our African American patients prefer bigger and fuller buttocks in the lateral buttock area and lateral thighs.

Regardless of your preferences, you can receive amazing results from our buttock augmentation New York specialists. Our doctors are expertly trained in the Brazilian buttock lift and will give you the results you desire with minimal to no scarring.

Our doctors can give you a gorgeous and round buttocks by using your own fat. They can transfer excess fat from unwanted areas of your body and can place it into all the right places. The fat transfer to buttocks produces a rounder buttocks.

Consultation for a Brazilian Buttlift

If you are ready to get a backside you love to show off, then give our butt lift NYC & Long Island specialists a call today. They will work closely with you to make sure you get the beautifully curvy assets you’ve always wanted.

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