Brazilian Butt Lift Ad Inspires Art in New York City. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

New York City is a place of hustle and bustle. People want information quickly and conveniently. It’s why many times, businesses find simple ways to advertise their services, such as on billboards.

Recently, we came across an article about a Brazilian butt lift billboard. This ad space made the article’s author, Carey Dunne, feel uncomfortable. At first, she felt self-conscious looking at the billboard, which had a woman lying on the beach in a bikini with most of her buttocks exposed.

Creative Inspiration for Ads

Brazilian Butt Lift Ad Inspires Art in New York City. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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This inspired Dunne to start Art in Ad Places (AiAP). It’s a 52 week campaign that recently launched in the city. It replaces advertising in public places with art.

The first piece of art was installed in a payphone kiosk on Metropolitan Ave and Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It appears the art is a sepia photo of a pirate ship on stormy seas. It’s really an iPhone image of a model ship floating on the Jersey Shore. It’s simply amazing.

The belief behind replacing ads with art is that consuming advertising is unhealthy. There’s no way to get away from it, and it can lead to unhealthy thoughts and feelings. With the art replacing the advertising, this project hopes to buffer that effect.

Our Reaction to AiAP

Since we are in the Brazilian butt lift industry, we wanted to voice our understanding, but also bring up a point that may not have been considered. While we understand that images of beautiful buttocks may make some people uncomfortable because it stirs up internal inadequacies, the message behind the ad is one that can help some people.

The Brazilian butt lift ad was offering a discount on the procedure. This aesthetic enhancement could help those who are struggling emotionally with being unhappy with their buttocks shape, but who can’t afford a Brazilian butt lift.

With this particular advertisement, people who want a better-looking derriere can get one for less money. That’s an amazing gift to give yourself!

A retort may be that people wouldn’t feel bad about their butt if it weren’t for those types of ads. That may be true, but chances are with social media and society’s views regarding appearance, ads are the least of people’s concerns.

Even though advertisements for improving appearance may not appeal to some people, they may be greatly beneficial to others. They can help people who are mentally and emotional affected by their appearance to improve their life. This can help them feel more confident and happier in their own skin.

We Can All Help One Another

We respect everyone, and believe we all have a place in this world to help one another. Contact us for free consultation for a Brazilian butt lift or any plastic surgery procedure in New York City or Long Island that we offer. Call us today at (212) 206-0023 or (631) 499-1831 to book your appointment.