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“Botched” continues to show viewers that it is possible for people to improve the way they look and feel with plastic surgery. Being able to see real patients go through the consultation process, surgery, and recovery helps people understand that plastic surgery is a possible option when it comes to wanting a change, no matter where on the body.

Kimber James’ Story

By 23 years old, Kimber James had already undergone 24 procedures for her brows, nose, chin, and breasts. James sought Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow because she wanted a more natural look.

Specifically, she wanted vaginal rejuvenation. She completed her gender reassignment surgery over a year ago, but she didn’t feel that her vagina looked the way it should. She hoped that the doctors could help make it look more realistic.

In addition to work on her vagina, she wanted a rhinoplasty to change the shape of her nose because she felt that it looked like Michael Jackson’s nose. She also wanted her too-large breast implants replaced with smaller ones.

Kimber received all three surgeries in one day. She is now very happy with the results. “Everything I wanted, I got. I finally feel like myself again,” she said.

Renee Talley’s Story

Renee Talley received silicone injections for butt augmentation a few years ago. The silicone ended up traveling throughout her body, causing serious health problems including an autoimmune disease.

To help her situation, she went to a doctor. The doctor advised that she not get butt implants because they might deform her shape. She didn’t listen, and that’s exactly what happened. As shocking as it was to see, she was able to flip the implant around with one hand!

While Renee wanted the “Botched” plastic surgeons to help her, they ultimately decided against it. She admitted on the show that she has a psychological disorder called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). This is a disorder that causes people to see their body differently than what it really looks like.

Even if Ms. Talley received surgery, she may have still always had a problem with the results.  It was a wise choice for the doctors to pass on this patient due to her likelihood of having unrealistic expectations of the results.

Jenn Farinet’s Story

As a child, Jenn Farinet suffered multiple injuries to her nose. She was bullied for it, and her confidence was crushed. After graduation, she was able to convince her mom to let her have a nose job, or rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, after the surgery, she realized there was a wire coming out of her nose. She also had a bump on one side of her nose.

Dr. Nassif took her as a patient because he wanted to help her get a nose that she wouldn’t feel self-conscious about. As he was performing the surgery, he found that her nose was much worse than what he initially thought. He said, “This septum is in the top 10 of the worst deviated septums I’ve ever seen.” Fortunately, he was able to correct the septum and give her a beautiful, new-looking nose.

Farinet’s reaction to her new nose was thrilling. “I’m so happy!” she exclaimed.

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