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© puhhha – Fotolia.com

The Botched season finale was one that will resonate with us until the show comes back for another season. It was just as great as the first seven episodes, and even more so because it left all of us wishing for more.

Kelly: Cleft Lip Repair

First up on the finale, a patient named Kelly came in because she was hoping the doctors could help her with a cleft palate. The work Drs. Nassif and Dubrow did was amazing. From the after pictures, there was no indication that she ever had a cleft lip.

Myesha: Baggy Eyes Lifted

The next patient was Myesha, which many are referring to as “Bag Lady.” She was concerned about the bags under her eyes. She was hoping the doctors could do something about them, and so they did. The result was beautiful eyes without the burden of bags.

Monique suffered from the repercussions of illegal silicone injections. She ended up with ears that looked unusual. There were no clearly defined ear lobes and they were hard to see. The after pictures of her procedure showed nicely shaped ears with a definite lobe on each side. Her ears now look just as they always should have.

Patient #3: Tummy Tuck

The last patient just wanted a flat tummy. She wanted a stomach that she could be proud to show off in a bikini. That’s exactly what she received; flat abdominals that will turn the heads of everyone at the beach.

The Stories and Procedures Behind this Season of Botched

The stories and procedures shown during this season have captivated many people. It’s why this show has been asked to come back for another awe-inspiring second season.

What’s important to point out is that these stories aren’t just reserved for television victories, these are the stories we hear about almost every day.

People turn to us seeking help with a part of their body they are unhappy with because they were born that way, a life event changed them forever, or they suffered a bad cosmetic procedure.

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