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This week’s episode shocked us, so we know it will shock you. It had been two weeks since the last episode.

With the show back, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow were ready to show us a woman with “alien boobs,” one with pig skin inside of her, and another patient who chose to remain awake during her tummy tuck procedure.


Salina says she had always been insecure about her small breasts. So, in 2004 she had implants put in, but she didn’t research the doctor she chose. When she awoke from the surgery, she knew something was wrong. Her breasts were hard and very round.

She couldn’t have them done again because she had no more money. The nightmare continued when she removed the bandages earlier than the doctor recommended. Her breasts were uneven with one hanging much lower than the other one, and her skin was rippled.

Drs. Nassif and Dubrow helped Salina by inserting mesh into her breasts because her skin was thin and she didn’t have much breast tissue. They then placed new breast implants that were about the same size as the ones that were in there before. Due to the mesh inserted, the breasts were not rippled and they looked much more natural.

The doctors warned Salina not to remove the bandages early like she did last time. She followed their recommendations. She ended up loving her new breasts and even went lingerie shopping with her boyfriend.

Lacey Wildd

Lacey Wildd is known for her large breasts. Lacey currently has a breast size of LLL, but she wants to go up to a size QQQ. The doctors decide to pass on this procedure because having larger breasts than she already does can cause her many more health problems. These complications can include infection, breast implant rupture, and severe neck/back pain.


Christina is the mother of three children. She is divorced and wanted to get back into dating, but said that her confidence was too low. To help her feel better about her body, she thought she would get a tummy tuck.

When she had her tummy tuck, however, the doctors told her to stand up right after the procedure. It wasn’t long before she saw infection and found out she contracted MRSA. MRSA is a dangerous bacterial infection and that can lead to serious medical problems such as loss of limbs, blindness, and even death.

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow decided to take her as a patient even though the risk for infection was high. Christina was anxious about it, but wanted it done. She was so nervous about the procedure that she wasn’t able to get general anesthesia. Instead, the doctors gave her IV sedation. She stayed awake during the procedure.

Just one day following surgery, Christina already felt and looked better. She had no infection. After six weeks, her body was exactly the way she wanted it and she had her self-confidence back. A victory for both the patient and the doctors!

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