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Tummy Tuck

Having an unattractive or undefined stomach can cause shyness or embarrassment in everyday life. If you are unhappy with the way you look, you may avoid socializing, dating or engaging in the workplace. You may also feel particularly frustrated if you regularly diet and exercise but fail to see any improvements in the appearance and shape of your stomach. However, you don't have to experience that frustration or isolation any longer.

Tummy Tuck Candidates

An ideal candidate for abdominoplasty is a person in good physical health that is already engaged in regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. Abdominoplasty patients who are considering the procedure have likely exhausted all other avenues of achieving a flat tummy with tight skin, but are not seeing any positive results. Outside factors beyond a person's control - such as the effects of pregnancy or aging - are excellent reasons to pursue tummy tuck surgery when all else has failed.

Since skin has a certain amount of memory and elasticity, skin will shrink to some degree after weight loss. For these patients who have more than 25 pounds to lose, it is best to hold off on having the procedure until their goal weight is reached (or they are within 10-15 pounds of that ideal weight). This will allow for the procedure to have lasting, beautiful results.

The Full Tummy Tuck Procedure

The Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

Recovering from Your Tummy Tuck

Because surgery is a major undertaking, expect to have some downtime afterward. Typically, our post-op tummy tuck patients feel significant discomfort for the first one to two weeks. Moving around can be painful and difficult for the first few days, so it is essential to have someone there to prepare food for you, to help you out of bed and to the bathroom, and to assist you with sitting up or lying down.

You will be wearing a compression garment over your abdomen immediately after the abdominoplasty procedure, and will likely have drains inserted in the area with a small, flexible negative-pressure (vacuum) container attached to the tubing that is protruding from either end of the tummy tuck incision. The compression garment is to be worn for a full 4-6 weeks. The drains can be removed as soon as one to two weeks after surgery.

We encourage our patients to walk around the house starting on the evening of their abdominoplasty procedure and then to increase activity gradually as they can tolerate it. Physical movement aids in blood flow to the surgery site, can prevent blood clots in the legs (from inactivity) and can boost a patient's immune system as well.


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