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Body Lift

Body lift surgery, is a procedure done by our surgeons that helps to remove excess body fat and skin that is left hanging after a dramatic weight loss. Our body lift surgeons can remove extra skin from the arms, breasts, legs/thighs, buttocks, groin (inner thigh) or abdomen, which is collectively referred to as a body lift.

Body Lift Candidates

Many patients find it difficult to wear sleeved shirts, shorts or other garments that exposes their skin. Some patients develop rashes, skin infections and chafing of the skin during activities such as walking.

Most of our lower body lift and full body lift patients who undergo this procedure have had gastric bypass surgery (post-bariatric) to help them get to a healthy weight. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you may be considering multiple areas to lift on the body or perhaps a full body lift.

Body Lift Procedure

Our body lift surgeons from can remove extra skin on the arms, breasts, legs/thighs, buttocks, groin (inner thigh) and abdomen is collectively referred to as a body lift. It effectively “lifts” the entire body, tightening up the skin by removing the excess tissue and restoring a more normal appearance. Patients can lose several pounds of skin and fat as well as several clothing sizes during the body lift procedure.

The patient must be put under general anesthesia for either body lift procedure. An anesthesiologist (medical doctor who specializes in anesthesia) will administer the general anesthesia and monitor the patient during the body lift surgery. Vitals including blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and respiration are all carefully observed.

Once the patient is stabilized, the actual surgery can begin. At the discretion of our surgeon, he may or may not also perform laser liposuction (using SmartLipoTM) in addition to physically cutting away and removing the extra skin on the arms.

Our Body Lift Surgery + SmartLipo™ = Phenomenal Results

SmartLipo laser liposuction can be the perfect complement for our patients. When you come in for a free consultation, we will discuss this option with you and find out what areas of your body bother you the most.

Feel free to browse our laser liposuction using SmartLipo information page. Based on your areas of concern, we will tailor a personalized body sculpting plan to meet your needs and give you the results you want. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved which will be discussed during your consultation.


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