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Comparison Report Between SmartLipo and Traditional Liposuction

To really see the benefits of SmartLipo, let’s compare the laser lipo technology against traditional liposuction treatment by our SmartLipo NYC and Long Island surgeons:

SmartLipo Laser

Traditional Liposuction

SmartLipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

Local anesthesia General anesthesia Our unique laser liposuction technique uses local anesthesia which is much safer than general anesthesia.
Affordable More expensive Since we use local anesthesia for our SmartLipo patients, the costly fees associated with general anesthesia are eliminated.
Small cannula Large cannula The SmartLipo laser completely destroys fat cells, liquefying them and then removing them permanently with a small cannula while traditional liposuction usually uses a large cannula to remove solid particles of fat cells, leaving pieces of damaged fat cells behind.
Tightens skin Leaves loose skin Due to the heat generated by the laser beam, SmartLipo stimulates the collagen in the skin to contract which results in tightened skin after the procedure. Traditional lipo does not tighten the skin in any way. Thus, when fat and inches are removed, loose skin results.
Fixes loose skin Cannot improve skin laxity If patients already have loose skin due to weight loss or pregnancy, the SmartLipo laser can tighten the skin because it uses laser technology which tightens collagen under the skin. Traditional lipo cannot improve the condition of sagging skin.
Less blood loss More blood loss SmartLipo targets ONLY the fat cells, leaving blood vessels alone. This results in fewer broken blood vessels and very little bleeding during the procedure. Traditional lipo is physically damaging to the surrounding tissues and leads to more blood loss.
Less bruising More bruising Since SmartLipo does not damage the surrounding blood vessels in the fatty layer, there is far less post-operative bruising than with traditional lipo.
Recovery in about 2 days Recovery in 7 days or more Due to the laser technology, laser liposuction does not break blood vessels or damage nerves. This results in a faster healing time with less discomfort so patients can get back to their routine in a matter of days, not weeks.


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