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Body Procedures

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we help you look your best by offering Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons in our New York (Manhattan) and Long Island centers. Our body procedures will enhance your figure from head to toe, giving you a body that you'll be excited to show off!

Body Lift

Body lift surgery, is a procedure done by our surgeons that helps to remove excess body fat and skin that is left hanging after a dramatic weight loss. Our body lift surgeons can remove extra skin from the arms, breasts, legs/thighs, buttocks, groin (inner thigh) or abdomen, which is collectively referred to as a body lift.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Our buttock augmentation surgeons are among the busiest in Manhattan and Long Island these days! This is because this is one of the most requested procedures in our cosmetic surgery offices and the outstanding shapely results we achieve.

For patients with small, flattened, boxy or sagging buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift or Buttock Augmentation can be something that enhances both their figure and their self-esteem. It can help them look and feel more beautiful, increasing their overall confidence which can positively affect many different areas of their lives.

This can be achieved through a Brazilian butt lift using fat transfer to the buttocks.

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Labiaplasty Surgery

Surgery to the inner flaps of the vulva, or the labia minora, is an extremely personal choice and one that should be made with the advice and guidance of an experienced medical professional.

Our New York labiaplasty specialist has years of experience providing superior results to patients.

In recent years, labiaplasty procedures have risen, partly due to social acceptance, the popularity of genital hair removal, and an increased awareness of the genitalia as a result of the adult entertainment industry.

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Have you encountered physical roadblocks in your pursuit of a fit physique? Our team at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York works with a lot of patients who have similar challenges - for example, one or two "trouble areas" that are completely resistant to diet and exercise. To combat these trouble areas, we recommend a surgical procedure called liposuction. Utilizing minimally invasive liposuction techniques, our plastic surgeons can selectively get rid of localized fat and improve your overall shape, so you can feel proud of the way you look. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure; rather, it is meant to complement your body's natural shape.

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Mommy Makeover

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we share the same common goal: helping you look and feel your best. We offer mommy makeover surgery to address the effects of pregnancy and restore your pre-baby body. It's not selfish or superficial to want to feel confident in your appearance, and we have the expertise to help you accomplish that. It's natural to love being a mother but feel disappointed about the effects pregnancy has had on your body. If you wouldn't mind fitting comfortably into your clothing and feeling good about your figure again, this procedure may be ideal for you.

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Tummy Tuck

Having an unattractive or undefined stomach can cause shyness or embarrassment in everyday life. If you are unhappy with the way you look, you may avoid socializing, dating or engaging in the workplace. You may also feel particularly frustrated if you regularly diet and exercise but fail to see any improvements in the appearance and shape of your stomach. However, you don't have to experience that frustration or isolation any longer.

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The Advanced Difference

Our cosmetic and plastic surgeons offer unprecedented attention to detail and superior results. Hundreds of New York residents seeking cosmetic procedures have already chosen ACSNY as their solution because...

  • Board certified - We have board certified plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons, each with decades of experience.
  • AAAHC - We use our own AAAHC accredited surgical centers
  • Free transportation to and from your procedure
  • 0% interest and zero-down options available O.A.C. through CareCredit and Alphaeon

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