What to expect after tummy tuck surgery by A. Abraham Levin, MD.

By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

Best Tips to Get Yourself Ready for Plastic Surgery by Dr. A. Abraham Levin.

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There are lots of loose ends to tie up before your surgery date arrives. So, it’s imperative to get yourself and your house ready so you can take time off to recover.

Here are some insider tips that we give our patients before their procedures.


Getting Yourself Ready


Your body is your temple; so take excellent care of it…especially prior to surgery. Continue your usual fitness and workout routine. If you don’t normally exercise, starting a walking routine at least three weeks before surgery is an ideal way to “get the blood flowing”.

Drink Water

Stay hydrated! In warmer weather, patients tend to forget to compensate by drinking extra water on hot days. As a result, it can make it difficult to start an I.V. on the day of surgery. If you’re having general anesthesia, don’t eat or drink anything after midnight the night before.

Vitamin Needs

Take a multi-vitamin, but don’t overdo it. There is plenty of great advice on the Internet, but taking megadoses of certain vitamins is not one of those things.

Overdoing it on Vitamin E, for example, can disrupt your blood clotting ability and raise your risk for excessive bleeding during or after surgery.


Prior to surgery, you’ll want the surgical area as germ-free as possible. Avoid soaking in a bathtub (showers only) and don’t use bar soap or washcloths. All of these can raise your risk of skin infections post-op.

Instead, wash with liquid anti-bacterial soap (lather using your hands) for the two weeks leading up to surgery to help lower the bacterial count on the skin. If you notice any pustules or rashes, report this to your surgeon immediately, as surgery may need to be postponed until your skin is healthy again.


Getting Your House Ready

If you are having surgery in our laser lipo NYC center, make sure you prep your car seat and home furniture (couch, recliner, and bed) with plastic sheeting and absorbent towels. There will be some significant drainage for the first few days after SmartlipoTM.

Otherwise, have ice packs ready (if recommended by your doctor), extra pillows to help you elevate as needed, and convenient, pre-made foods that are healthy and ready to serve.

We highly recommend hiring a cleaning service (or doing a thorough cleaning yourself) so that you can come home to a clean, stress-free environment that will help you rest easy after surgery. Have a friend or family member there to help you for at least the first 24 hours.


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