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Getting ready for male breast reduction surgery can take time and planning. Here are some ways to determine the best month(s) to get this procedure and how long it takes to recover.

Make Sure You Are Healthy

Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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One of your first concerns should be that you are in good health. If you have not been feeling well lately, whether you are dealing with a cold or something more intense, it is important to handle this issue before charging ahead with a major surgery. You want to make sure your body heals properly and that no conditions you were aware of beforehand will interfere with your recovery.

Abstaining from Substances

If you smoke, drink, or do drugs, it is extremely important that you abstain from these for several weeks before you gynecomastia surgery and to not pick the habits up again afterward. Certain substances could exacerbate issues with recovery and put you in danger for serious post-op complications.

In addition, you should discuss any prescription medications with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon that might react poorly with the surgery, including amphetamines, anti-androgens, certain cancer treatments, and ulcer medications.

Taking Time Off

You will need to take at least one to two weeks off of work in order to make sure you can heal fully. Because it is difficult to determine exactly how long your recovery will take, it is best to ensure you have the ability to take plenty of time off so you can get better before returning to work. Many of our patients are able to return to their desk job in a week or less.

Getting Surgery During Summer

One of the best times to get male breast reduction surgery is during the summer months. This is a good time because you can rest indoors in an air conditioned room and stay out of the sun. This gives you the opportunity to heal for as long as necessary before you show off your new chest on the beach or at the pool. If you are healthy and can take time off around this time of the year, it is an excellent option.

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