For those of us not blessed with a dynamic derrière, exercises can help boost the bum like no other non-surgical solution. Sure, fat plays a role in how much curve you have back there, but the muscle underneath (the gluteus maximum) is the foundation for the shape you have.

Here are the best workout moves to give you more “junk in your trunk”.

Problem: Droopy Butt

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According to an exercise physiologist featured in a recent SELF magazine article, the problem with a droopy bottom is the pelvis.

Specifically, the problem lies in the rotation of the pelvis in an upward direction. This takes the focus off the gluteus maximus and allows gravity to take hold.

The solution is to do moves like the bridge, one-leg-one-arm leg lifts on all fours, dead lifts, and jumping lunges. These can snap those glutes back into action and give you a lifted look with firmness.

Problem: Flat Butt

The issue with flat-bottomed girls is a pelvis that is often times rotated downward, putting the glutes into a mode where they are never challenged.

By doing exercises that target the glutes and cause the pelvis to come into a normal rotation, the muscles can be retrained to stand at attention once again. Too much sitting can cause this issue as well as just plain ol’ genetics.

The solution is to do bridges (lie on back, knees bent, and raise buttocks off ground), one-leg-one-arm leg lifts on all fours, side lunges, and donkey kicks with knees at a 90 degree angle).

P.S. We also love squats and lunges for overall fitness of the backside!

Eating for a Gorgeous Shape

In order to shed excess fat that might be causing a lumpy appearance, eat a clean diet rich in lean protein, fresh produce, and drink plenty of fluids. Fiber and fluids flush out fat, toxins and water retention while protein provides the building blocks for healthy muscle development and recovery post-workout.

As far as carbs go, avoid simple carbs like white bread, white rice, and anything with white flour in it (crackers, cookies, etc.). Avoid sugar as well, as this substance causes your body to store fat and also messes with fat burning hormones.

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*This information is not to be used as medical advice or in place of seeking the advice and treatment from a medical doctor. Always see your doctor if you have questions or concerns about your health or before starting a diet or exercise routine.