Beauty perceptions across international lines.

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In a unique endeavor, recently published a project that showed the photoshopped versions of what 18 different countries perceived as “ideal beauty”.

You can see the gallery here. Read on for more information about the results of this fascinating project.


Unrealistic Beauty Standards: A Global Phenomenon

It was obvious by the photoshopped images that each country’s perception of ideal beauty was unattainable by the “average woman”. These digitized images show features that are considered perfect in their country; standards that no one can possibly achieve.

Fascinating as well was being able to see the standards that exist among such diverse cultures and societies. In a story published on the IB Times website, it was revealed that some of the images looked nothing like the original image provided to the designers. In other cases, the image was only slightly changed from what it originally looked like.

The most common changes included adjustments to the waist/hips, hair color, and clothing. These would no doubt change as the years pass and opinions change in terms of clothing choices, hair color, and weight.

The results showed that the Americas produced an image with an “exaggerated hourglass figure” while designers in Europe and Asia produced an extremely thin image with what researchers estimated was a “dangerously” low BMI.

What is Your Perception of Beauty?

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