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An image of three beautiful young ladies went viral on social media recently. They stand proudly, arms around one another in support. They smile because they are proud of themselves for all they have gone through. Their beauty is beyond what any words can describe.

Beauty from the Ashes of Despair

The three women in the photo were brought together because of something horrible they have been through – an acid attack. In some countries, acid attacks are quite common.

It involves throwing acid in a woman’s face. This burns the face and body and can severely damage internal organs. Many women have died from acid attacks due to the injuries and infections they cause.

One of the reasons women are attacked is because of their beauty, as in the case of Simi Roa whose husband threw acid on her because he didn’t like the looks she was getting from other men.

Ritu, Rupa and Laxmi’s Mission

These beautiful women in the photo that went viral are hoping that their faces will spread the word about horrible acid attacks. India, like many other countries, has been working on policies to punish those who attack with acid more harshly. It hasn’t been finalized yet.

Women’s groups and people like these three women are trying to gain more attention through media, so the government will push these policies through even faster.

There’s something these women can teach everyone. Beauty isn’t as much about what you look like on the outside, it’s who you are on the inside. When you’re happy, proud, and confident, you can make yourself look just as amazing on the outside.

As cosmetic and plastic surgeons, we understand that some people need that extra help on the outside to give them confidence on the inside. However, we hope that by reading this story about these young ladies, people everywhere will realize they are gorgeous no matter what they look like.


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