Rhinoplasty-New-York-City-Long_Island_BasicsNose jobs are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States; one that is popular for our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island patients alike. It can change the size and shape of the nose or give it a smoother contour.

Rhinoplasty can correct some breathing difficulties, or eliminate a hump or dip on the bridge of the nose.

In recent years, the non-surgical rhinoplasty has gained ground in popularity. Through this procedure, the performing surgeon can correct minor issues, such as dips, tiny humps or a narrow bridge by injecting dermal fillers into the areas to be enhanced.

The procedure is simple, requires no general anesthesia and can be performed in-office with very few risks of complications. This type of procedure generally requires multiple visits, as a small amount of filler is added at each visit for the best enhancement possible.

Types of Nose Jobs

The majority of rhinoplasty procedures currently performed in our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island facilities are still surgical. Many enhancements that individuals seek involve more elaborate changes that can require the sculpting or removal of pieces of cartilage.

Furthermore, to remove most humps on the bridge of the nose, bone is filed down or removed in tiny pieces. To shorten the nose, a section of the nasal septum is removed to accomplish this. In most rhinoplasty procedures, the incisions are made through an external incision to expose the nasal tissue and cartilage.

When only minor surgical changes are to be made, these can be accomplished through incisions on the inside of the nose to avoid any scars.

How Surgery is Performed in Our Rhinoplasty Long Island and New York City Centers

Rhinoplasty procedures are generally performed on an outpatient basis in the hospital or in our own surgical facilities. Rhinoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Following the surgery, a metal splint is secured to the nose to keep the modified changes in place. A bandage is then placed over top of the splint.

Swelling and bruising will likely occur over the first few days and will slowly subside over the following weeks and months. Patients generally return home on the same day as the surgery and return within 24 hours for the first postoperative visit.

Most patients can return to work following a postoperative appointment at the two-week mark. At this point, the splint is removed if all things have progressed well.

Good Consultations Give You the Best Results

Rhinoplasty is most certainly a very serious decision and it is possible that a single rhinoplasty procedure does not result in the total change you were looking for. If you desire further changes, a revision rhinoplasty, or secondary procedure, may be performed to fine-tune the changes for an overall satisfactory enhancement.

Be sure to discuss all of your expectations with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team for the procedure and you will increase the likelihood of a single procedure accomplishing your goals.

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*This page does not communicate the full list of complete risks and potential complications from this surgery. To receive a list of post-op risks & complications, please contact our office.