Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York Weighs in on Fat Transfer:

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Stem cell research is not anything new to the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, but as of late it seems we are getting even closer to gaining a better understanding about them.

Stem cells have come under a lot of study mainly because of their unique ability to produce “daughter cells” These new cells can either be new stem cells, or actually take on the functions of other cells surrounding it.

Therefore, stem cell daughter cells can become any type of cell as long as they are subjected to a particular cell. This being the case, researchers hope that stem cells could one day be used to cure ailments such as heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, multiple scleroses, or even cancer.

Stem Cell Fat Transfer Harvesting

Interestingly enough, stem cells are found in an abundant amount in fat cells. In fact, doctors are now trying to find a correlation between great results from stem cell fat transfer procedures.

As liposuction techniques have evolved, more intact fat is removed, meaning more stem cells are removed. Due to the increase in successful fat transfer procedures, doctors surmise that the stem cells have something to do with it.

If this is the case, this shows that stem cells could truly help with diseases down the road. Obviously, researchers need to perfect how they may do this, but that doesn’t mean you should wait for the new technology to emerge. In fact, stem cells age just as we do, so their viability decreases as time goes on. Some diseases, such as diabetes can completely wipe out the abilities of the stem cells to do their “jobs”.

It is fairly simple. Most practices, such as Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, provide liposuction procedures. Our practice also provides SmartLipo. Once sucked out, the fat can then be purified and frozen at an FDA registered laboratory for cryogenic storage which can ultimately be used later on if you happen to need them. As a consolation, you also obtain a body contoured to your liking.

Stem cells and fat can be re-injected into the breasts or buttocks for enhancement/augmentation as well as to the face or the back of the hands for anti-aging benefits. It is a pure way to fill in hollow areas of the face including deep wrinkles and creases. Your own fat is the most natural dermal filler available!

Currently, we work with American Cryostem for fat cryopreservation. It seems that this is catching on quickly since stem cell results are becoming more promising as research progresses. So why wait? You could be saving your life down the road.

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