04_Partial-Arm-CrossWhether you’re wearing a tank top or a strapless dress, armpit fat always has a way of making an appearance. Even the most slender of people can encounter what’s called the ‘corset overspill’.

With the help of our cosmetic surgeons in NYC & Long Island, you can wave goodbye to that underarm flab. Liposuction is a great way to remove the small pocket of fat from the underarm.

Since the amount of fat that needs to be removed is minimal, underarm liposuction usually requires only a short surgery period and minimal downtime. Compression garments are only required for a few weeks following the procedure to ensure proper healing.

At my offices in Commack and Manhattan NYC, I use SmartLipo for patients interested in armpit liposuction. SmartLipo is a form of laser-assisted liposuction that permanently destroys fat cells.

Its advantages over traditional liposuction include improved precision, safety and patient recovery times.

SmartLipo in NYC is quick and virtually painless. It is usually recommended for the removal of armpit fat because it uses a smaller cannula and targeted laser energy that melts fat, leave the surrounding tissue virtually untouched. Laser liposuction in our centers is performed using only local anesthetic, which further reduces downtime following the procedure.

If you are worried about that little extra arm flab under your arms, our friendly staff here at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY is eager to address any of your concerns.

To More Beautiful Pits Worth Raising Your Arms For,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team

*Smartlipo is a trademark of Cynosure, Inc.