Many people go to plastic surgeons for aesthetic reasons in attempts to improve how they look and feel. But sometimes, the patient ends up scarred and even disfigured.

Katy’s Story

Kate Murray, of Dublin, Ireland, sued an Italian doctor who performed a breast augmentation on her in March 2010. This month, she settled her High Court case against this plastic surgeon.

Murray was admitted into the hospital just two weeks after her operation with a life-threatening infection and spent a month undergoing multiple procedures and skin grafts to fix the doctor’s mistake.

Claire and Mark

Even more shocking, a recent documentary in the UK showed that out of 100,000 plastic surgery procedures performed in the UK last year, five percent of them ended up with bad results, including the cases of Claire and Mark.

A woman named Claire went in for a breast reduction and ended up receiving unsightly scars and lop-sided breasts. She also suffered from necrosis, a disorder when the breast tissue is deprived of oxygen and begins to die.

Mark underwent gynecomastia surgery and was left without a nipple and numerous scars.

Avoid Botched Plastic Surgery

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