Cosmetic surgery gone wrong… we’ve all seen it, whether it’s someone you know personally or on the big screen. From Mickey Rourke and the Jacksons, to Joan Rivers, Lil’ Kim, Jackie Stallone, Donatella Versace, and Jocelyn Wildenstein…the list goes on.
In many cases it’s simply a matter of too much plastic surgery and not knowing when enough is enough. But other times, different factors can lead to poor cosmetic surgery results.

Why Does Bad Cosmetic Surgery Happen?

What kind of doctor has the right to perform liposuction or male breast reduction? By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

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Whether it’s an over-tightened, wind-swept face, excessive eyelid surgery scars or a botched nose job, bad cosmetic surgery does happen. Some of the more common reasons for poor results are as follows:
Over Improvement. Some individuals take their pursuit for perfection too far while others become addicted to plastic surgery. Unfortunately, too much surgery can lead to unnatural and even devastating results.
Infection. Infection following surgery can occur as a result of poor surgical hygiene, surgical contamination or poor patient hygiene. In most cases, infection can be readily treated without complication but in some cases it can become serious and negatively impact the results.
Post-Operative Complications. Aside from infection, other complications like skin necrosis, wound separation, fluid collections or abscesses, and blood clots can also affect the outcome if not recognized early and treated right away.
Poor Technique / Surgical Error. Inexperienced surgeons may not have the experience and tools to provide an optimal result. In addition, poor surgical technique can be more likely to lead to complications following surgery which in turn can lead to poor results.
Poor Healing. Poor wound healing and excessive scarring can lead to unacceptable results and even pain and disfigurement. Poor healing can occur in patients who smoke and do not quit before and after surgery, but in some cases there may be no apparent cause.

Ensuring Good Plastic Surgery Results

The good news is that poor results are really the exception and not the rule, despite the fact that we tend to hear more about them than we learn of good results. Whether you’re getting a nose job or breast implants, tummy tuck or lipo, there are some things that you can do to help ensure a positive outcome.
First, make sure that you select a highly experienced and qualified surgeon to perform your procedure and follow his or her pre- and post-surgical guidelines to the letter. Quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery and do not start smoking again. Follow a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and use daily sun protection.

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