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Reasons for Plastic Surgery During Retirement

While many people seek plastic surgery for professional reasons while they are still active in the workforce, there are many reasons to have it done after retirement. One reason may be to reward themselves for the years of hard work they’ve completed. Stress has a profound effect on people, and many want to feel as though they can start fresh with a clean slate.

Additionally, many retirees are entering the dating scene again. With their extra time, they can meet new people and pursue romance. Improving their look can boost their confidence, which can help them be much more outgoing.

Some people simply have never had the time to pursue plastic surgery. They may have always been unhappy with a specific part of their body, but they never could find a good time to have the procedure done. Now, they have the time for surgery and recovery, so it’s a dual benefit.

Considering the Financial Impact

Since most people experience a decrease in income upon retirement, it’s a good idea to consider the financial implications of plastic surgery. A good way to decide if surgery is a wise choice is to consider how much you’ll spend on anti-aging skin care products, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, or facial fillers over a period of time compared to the cost of the desired facial plastic surgery procedure(s) you desire.

If the amount you spend on the procedure is close to how much you would spend on alternatives, it may be worth the investment.

Those with disposable income are in the best position for a plastic surgery procedure when entering retirement. A good medical history and assessment are also essential. Your health and well-being are what we care about most at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

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