Did Hillary Clinton Have Plastic Surgery? Blog by A. Abraham Levin, MD of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

A new book, Unlikeable, claims Hillary Clinton received a facelift, eyelift, and BOTOX before running for president. The book states, “She couldn’t do anything about the calendar, but she could do something about the lines and sagging skin on her face.”

In Instagram photos, it does appear that Hillary Clinton did have some work done on her face. She appears to have lifted cheeks, Botoxed wrinkles and possibly even a facelift, eyelift, neck lift, and brow lift.

Why Hillary Clinton May Have Chosen Plastic Surgery

© vvictory - Fotolia.com

© vvictory - Fotolia.com

So what would be her reason behind getting plastic surgery? Theorists believe that it has to do with the upcoming election and her chances of winning. Research has found that that people prefer attractive leaders. This is an example of the “halo effect,” which is when people think that attractive people are better people.

According to the journal Psychological Science, the preference for attractive leaders has been occurring for a long time. It was part of ancient adaptations throughout evolution. Politicians who were better looking were perceived as healthier and more likely to avoid diseases. This makes sense; when leaders look good, they seem to be healthy. Therefore, the people want someone who is strong to lead them.

With this research, it’s easy to see why Hillary Clinton decided to seek facial plastic surgery to “up her game”. Procedures such as face lift, eyelift, and BOTOX can dramatically improve a woman’s youthful appearance.

Since society’s perception of attractiveness is held in looking young, it makes sense that at 68, Hillary Clinton didn’t want her aging features to distract people from voting for her. She knows that she needs to look attractive to compete, and she set out to do just that.

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