Many athletes are susceptible to injuries, especially to the face. A ball or puck can be a dangerous missile to the nose. Other types of injuries include getting hit by an opponent, or falling face first onto the hard ground.

While the nose is a strong part of the body, it is not invincible. It can break and end up healing incorrectly, which can cause a change in its appearance. Luckily, there is a surgical way to reverse those changes with rhinoplasty.

Is Rhinoplasty Worth It?

According to, 90% of patients who have undergone rhinoplasty report that it was worth it. This high percentage is due to the procedure’s effectiveness at achieving the patient’s desired results.

A Soccer Player’s Experience

Athletes: Rhinoplasty May Help You. By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

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One patient on this website reports that she played soccer her whole life, so she’s been more inclined to facial injuries. She’s had her nose hit more times than she would have liked, but after meeting with a plastic surgeon, she knew that rhinoplasty was the answer.

Three months after her procedure, this patient had this to say:

“I’m extremely happy with my nose. It’s a great feeling to not be self-conscious anymore. Before my surgery, I would not take a picture from a side angle, because it was not flattering. And to be honest I even had a hard time with a full front facial shot because my nose was very crooked. Now, I am constantly on my phone taking selfies!”

Rhinoplasty for Sports-Related Facial Injuries

This shows that while you can’t do much about the accidents that happen while playing sports, there’s something that you can do later on to help correct the long-term effects that come with facial injuries.

With rhinoplasty, you can correct crookedness, change the tip, widen the nose or make it narrower. An experienced facial plastic surgeon, such as the team at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, can sit down with you to give you more information on what can be done with your nose to give you the look you desire.

The good news is that there is no obligation with a free consultation. We want to give you all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision about your nose job surgery.

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