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With Christmas right around the corner, you may still be scrambling for a few people on your gift list. If someone you’re shopping for has been thinking about anti-aging cosmetic treatments, is it appropriate to give them the gift of turning back the hands of time, such as giving BOTOX or facial fillers? It all depends on the situation.

Here are some helpful guidelines to help guide you (and to avoid any negative reactions).

Never Assume

You may think your mother could use some BOTOX, but if she’s never mentioned an interest in wrinkle treatments, it could make for an awkward gift. You don’t want to offend someone with your gift, and you don’t want to hurt their self-esteem, so make sure wrinkle treatments are something that you know the recipient is interested in before you make a purchase.

Provide Options

Cosmetic treatments are highly customizable, and only a highly trained injector or plastic/cosmetic surgeon can advise on which type of wrinkle injection is appropriate for each patient. By limiting the person you are gifting to a specific treatment, you may be giving them a less valuable treatment that may not work as well. If you purchase a voucher from a specific surgeon, ask about their refund policy and flexibility of the voucher beforehand.

Don’t Give a Time Limit

Buying a daily deal for BOTOX may seem tempting, but it’s not fair to the person you’re giving it to. Coupons such as these often have a brief time limit and are for a specific (possibly unskilled) provider, which doesn’t allow the recipient the freedom to choose a provider they feel comfortable with, at a time that works best for them. You shouldn’t put any pressure on the gift; you don’t want to make it into an obligation.

If in Doubt

If you’re not sure whether fillers or BOTOX are a good gift for your friend or loved one, then choose something else. Any cosmetic procedure is a big decision and should not be made lightly or under pressure from someone else.

Recommend a Reputable Injectable Expert

If you’re considering the gift of wrinkle treatments or want to recommend a reputable cosmetic surgery practice, our Manhattan and Long Island-based injector James Christian, RPA-C offers BOTOX and filler services. Our surgeons perform facial plastic surgery, body-enhancement surgery, and fat transfer to the face.

To learn more about plastic surgery with our expert surgeons, contact our Long Island or Manhattan locations.



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