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Many people celebrate the New Year with renewed hope that they will be able to improve specific areas of their lives. Many hope to look and feel better. In fact, more than ever…men and women aged 55+ are opting for plastic surgery to achieve self-improvement in their Golden Years.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we’ve seen a growing number of retirees. They have finished working and now, they want to celebrate by rewarding themselves for all of the hard work they’ve done. And they want to look good while doing it!

Our patients know they don’t look the way they did 20 years ago, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look their very best today. They care a lot about their appearance; even more so than with past generations.

In fact, many retirees are single and looking for someone to share the rest of their lives with, and others just want to look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Does this sound like you?

Do you apply anti-aging skin products every day? Do you take supplements? Are you looking for more?

Facial plastic surgery might be the ideal solution for you.

How Facial Plastic Surgery Can Turn Back the Hands of Time

As people age, their skin loses elastin and collagen. These substances are what keep skin looking youthful in our younger years. Most of the time, lotions alone are unable to tighten the skin enough to make a visible difference.

That’s why men and women turn to facelift surgery. With a facelift, people are able to get the results they want without spending those thousands of dollars on age-defying skin care products that don’t provide a real solution.

A facelift doesn’t take long and healing takes place over several short months. Loose skin is removed and the skin takes on a tighter, more youthful appearance immediately. You can’t get that from skin care products, which can’t get rid of loose or sagging skin.

Complementary Procedures to a Facelift

There are other procedures that our facial plastic surgeons usually recommend – an eye and/or brow lift. Most people ask for these procedures when they see the before and after photos of patients with similar features as theirs.

Additionally, if someone has either excess fat on their eyelids or if their brow has started to fall over their eyes, the plastic surgeon will usually recommend an eye lift or brow lift.

Sagging skin on the upper eyelids can cause vision problems for people with moderate to severely loose eyelid skin. An eye or brow lift is an effective way to improve vision and achieve youthful results.


Looking for a Facelift Surgeon in New York?

Take some time to consult with our expert surgeons. We would love to help you look younger and feel better about the way you look.

Contact us at our Manhattan or Commack, Long Island offices. We’re open in the evenings and on Saturdays to make appointment scheduling easy for you.

We look forward to being your fountain of youth!

To looking more like your “inside” age,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team