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We applaud former Olympian Bruce Jenner, 65, for his courage in coming out to the world as a transgender person.

It takes extreme bravery to be in the public eye on his family’s show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, going through a very public divorce, and allowing Barbara Walters to interview him as he told his secret.

It also takes a great deal of courage to undergo the physical transformation to begin living life as a “she” rather than a “he”. Just yesterday, Bruce shared that “her” name is Caitlyn while Vanity Fair released photos of her amazing photo shoot for the cover.

We stand in support of #CaitlynJenner and wish her every happiness in the world.


Plastic Surgery for Transgender Male to Female

In his interview with Barbara Walters, as well as the special “About Bruce”, he explained several key “feminization” procedures that he has had on his face. Since men have testosterone, their facial features are more masculine (as you would expect). For someone that is transgender and wishes to transition, however, simply putting a wig and makeup on usually isn’t enough for them to be happy with their appearance.

That’s where facial plastic surgery comes in. Bruce has admitted to having a nose job, or rhinoplasty, to make his nose thinner from bridge to tip as well as to turn the angle upwards for a more feminine appearance.

Frequently, males transitioning to females also opt to have their Adam’s Apple shaved down (which Bruce Jenner also says he had done) in order to give the neck a more feminine appearance. The shaving of this portion of the larynx hides the Adam’s Apple so it won’t show under the skin, thus not giving away what their previous gender was.

Also common for transgender plastic surgery to the face area includes “shaving down” the chin, jaw bones, and brow bone. The brow bone is the area just above the eyebrows that tends to stand out more in males.

These combined procedures provide a transgender person with a more feminine look. Just take a look at the recent pictures on Vanity Fair. Caitlyn’s look is feminine, and more importantly, she appears to be happy and at peace.

Caitlyn appears to have had a breast augmentation and Bruce just recently revealed that he has been taking female hormones for some time now and proudly wears a “B cup”. He also revealed on the recent special on E! called About Bruce that he is really good at painting toenails, showing off his lilac shade to his step daughter Kim Kardashian. She approved and said it looked like it was professionally done.


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