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Stay-at-home dad and blogger, Lorne Jaffe, has courage. Many men will find this brave man’s story quite inspirational. He demonstrates how a physical deformity can have devastating effects on a boy and follow him all the way to manhood.

Childhood Gynecomastia

Jaffe was overweight as a child. Due to his weight gain, he developed gynecomastia. As he grew up, the teasing he received from his father and peers were too much for him to handle. He ended up wearing oversized clothing, and hunching his back to hide his large breasts.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery as an Adult

When he turned 29 years old, he decided to have gynecomastia surgery. This decreased his enlarged breasts. While this would make most people think he was cured (physically, mentally, and emotionally), that was not the case.

Unfortunately, for years he continued to experience the anxiety and depression related to his gynecomastia. He no longer had the condition, but the effects of it were still with him.

Post-Gynecomastia Surgery Treatment

As the years have passed, Jaffe has started to feel better with the help of therapy, medication, and support from his family. He recently was able to go to the beach and remove his shirt in public for the first time. He says didn’t have a panic attack until after he got home, which was a major feat for him.

His advice to boys and men suffering with gynecomastia is to have it treated with surgery. He doesn’t recommend that boys withstand the harsh criticism they experience from their peers.

He also wants men who are dealing with it to get treated, so they can start feeling better about themselves and avoid years of needless suffering.

Read Jaffe’s full story here.

Getting Treatment for Gynecomastia

For some young men and adults, gynecomastia isn’t something that can be prevented. It happens in response to another medical condition or to an age-related hormonal change. Fortunately, there is a cure for it, and that is male breast reduction surgery.

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