What kind of doctor has the right to perform liposuction or male breast reduction? By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

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As highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons, we perform plenty of breast augmentation procedures on patients that have suffered from breast cancer.

Each one of these patients feels as if they lost a piece of themselves and we’re happy to make them feel whole again.

Many lifestyle factors affect breast cancer rates, such as age at menopause, exercise, weight, as well as family history, but lucky for caffeine lovers, a new study shows a link between coffee and breast cancer prevention.

Swedish researchers compared lifestyle factors and coffee consumption between women of the same age with and without breast cancer. By adding in the specific lifestyle factors mentioned above, they were able to determine that coffee is slightly protective against ER-negative breast cancer.

The study is unable to say what exactly in the coffee is causing this reduction at the moment, though researchers hypothesize that it could be the type of bean or how the coffee is prepared.

Despite this study’s promising results, it still has a long way to go before we understand the main link of coffee and breast cancer.

And when and if researchers figure it out, it will still be just as important to get your yearly mammogram, even if you have breast implants, as well as perform monthly self-examinations on your breasts. These two things are the best chance of catching breast cancer early, and your best chance of beating the disease.

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