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Instagram has become a platform for not only selfies, but for plastic and cosmetic surgeons to advertise their services. Users become interested in this marketing, and many of them choose someone to do their procedure based on those posts. But is this the safest way to find a qualified surgeon?

According to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, using Instagram as your only research method for choosing an aesthetic provider is unsafe. Many of the businesses posting on the social network may not have the credentials, experience, or skills needed to safely perform procedures.

The study published in the journal states only 17.8% of the plastic surgery-related posts may come from providers who are certified. Most of the posts are from physicians who have not been formally trained in aesthetic surgery; many are simply spa aestheticians.

What some people don’t realize is that there are also Instagrammers from abroad. These people are soliciting inexpensive procedures to entice Americans to have their procedures outside of the country. Also referred to as medical tourism, many people decide to choose a doctor in a different country because it can be significantly less expensive.

The problem is that the reduced pricing comes along with a host of unsafe and risky consequences. Unsterilized equipment, inexperienced surgeons, and unclean surgical units can lead to life-threatening complications and botched results. The lower price is simply not worth the risk to your health and safety.

How You Can Use Instagram

Is Finding a Plastic Surgeon on Instagram a Good Idea? - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

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This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use the social site at all when prospecting doctors to do your cosmetic surgery. You can follow doctors on the site, but be sure to also do additional research. Check out their credentials and read reviews. Call the office to see how friendly and informative they are, and if all seems legit, make an appointment for an initial appointment.

A consultation is a great way to decide on not only the procedure but the surgeon as well. Ask as many questions as you can think of at the time. All your questions should be answered and understood. You should leave with a lot of information, and confidence that you’re making a good choice. If you don’t, continue to research other options in your area.

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