© Tommaso Lizzul - Fotolia.com

© Tommaso Lizzul – Fotolia.com

You are never too old for cosmetic surgery. At least, that’s what seventy-three year old Jane Pesch from Derbys, England, recently showed the world when she had plastic surgery.

Pesch reportedly spent $16,579 on cosmetic surgery procedures to improve the way she looks. She wanted to look younger because she said that everyone always complains about getting old. Instead of just dealing with the effects of aging, she decided to do something about it.

A size-10 figure and a youthful face is all she decided she needed. Her plastic surgeries included a neck lift, breast implants, face lift, and wrinkle injections every two months.  She plans to keep herself looking great with exercise and a healthy diet.

Jane’s Plastic Surgery Results

With this new look, no one believes she is 73 years old. She said she hopes her procedures will help her in the romance department as well. Her husband passed away three years ago, and she would like someone to take her out on the town and to keep her company.

Many people remark on how she dresses because she opts for fun, risqué outfits when she goes out. She says she feels most comfortable in these clothes because she wants to stay fresh and vibrant.

It’s not only the way she looks that matters. It’s her mindset as well. The Daily News included this quote in their story about her:

“Part of it is the way I look, but it’s down to my mind-set as well – I just don’t feel old.”

Can You Relate to Being an Older Plastic Surgery Patient?

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