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When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, there’s nothing like enhancing your natural beauty with an injection, nip, or tuck to give you the look you’ve been wanting.

For some people, however, plastic surgery has been taken to the extreme. These ten people have transformed themselves in drastic ways.

The Caricature Creation

In one of the most bizarre revelations of 2014, a woman decided to have plastic surgery to resemble a cartoon caricature of her that was made by a street artist. Her transformation included super-sized breast implants, heart tattoos over her nipples, and extreme facial plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian Lookalike

A makeup artist from the UK was recently featured in an article in Cosmopolitan magazine for transforming his face into his best impression of Kim Kardshian. He was rumored to have spent close to $150K on his new face, which includes oversized lips, a new nose, and black tattooed eyebrows.

Jasmine Tridevil: The Tri-Breasted Woman

After her picture went viral all over social media, Jasmine claimed that she had been born with three breasts and took a busty selfie to prove her assets were real. Within a few days, the truth was leaked that her third “breast” was a fake.

Human Barbies 1 & 2

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, there are a couple of women who have gone after the “Barbie” look, complete with long blonde hair, doll-like facial features, and a body that closely resembles the famous doll. The first woman to be featured in the media is Valeria Lukyanova, whose pale skin, large breast augmentation, and super-slim waist make you do a double take.

The second person dubbed “Human Barbie 2” by the media is a young woman from the Ukraine who, oddly enough, used to be friends with Human Barbie 1 but are no longer speaking.

Human Ken Dolls 1 & 2

Justin Jedlica and Celso Santebanes have one thing in common with each other: they both have a life goal to look as close as they can to Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. Justin is said to have designed his own customized silicone implants while Celso’s likeness has now been made into an actual doll.

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Though I find it fascinating to report on these kinds of plastic surgery patients, our practice does not condone or perform these types of procedures.

We believe that cosmetic enhancements are for augmenting your own natural beauty and should be done sparingly and in good taste.

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